All of us at Broken Arrow Tactical share a passion for firearms, tactics and gear. It is this passion that drove us to create a platform where we share our experiences and provide insight on what we feel works and what doesn’t.

Nick Mule, Founder

N. Mule enlisted into the U.S. Army as an 11B (Infantryman). He attended basic training at the Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, GA. and spent the next three years designated as a Platoon machine gunner. Earning a commission through Officer Candidate School he now currently serves as a Company-Grade Officer in an Air Defense Artillery capacity.

Otto Pardinas, Co-Founder 

O. Pardinas currently serves as an EMT in the South East region of the United States. His passion for EMS and quick thinking in the field have quickly moved Pardinas up the ranks as a Primary EMT Driver early on in his career. He continually shoulders critical tasks within the organization and provides mentorship to his peers, on and off shift. He is currently pursuing Paramedic and Fire Fighting certifications as well as a degree in Emergency Medical Services and Fire Science. He provides Tactical Combat Casualty Care knowledge and is the SME on medical equipment within the team.

Bruce Jupia, Co-Founder/Media/Public Relations

B. Jupia, a Florida native, operates behind the camera as well as a gun. He serves as the Photographer and Graphic Designer for Broken Arrow Tactical. His passion for firearms and continuous drive to improve on currently available gear makes him a perfect fit for the team.